Situation: Netware 6.5 SP3 server with NDPS and Windows XP Pro SP2
clients. 1 NDPS printer (Xerox Document Centre 535) and when I print
there is no banner and all goes well. New Situation: we are implementing
follow me printing in our school. So I made a extra NDPS printer where
all user print to. All print assigments are automatic set to OPERATOR
HOLD. No problem till now. This is still with the same driver and setting
as the 1st situation. When I release the print assignment, Pcounter Pro
moves the print assignment from the new NDPS printer to the old one and
released it. This works fine but we get a banner page with it. Whatever
we do we can't get the banner page to disappear. Is this a problem off
the Xerox driver?

Anyone some idea's? Or does anybody how to diable the banner pages on the


Marcel de Jager