I have 2 NW6.5sp2 servers and 2 sp5.0sp6a servers. I have broker/manager
loaded on one of the NW6.5sp2 servers. I'm currently using a mixed
ndps/iprint/legacy que server environment. I'm going to move the que
server printers over to ndps but what I'm reading is that NW6.5 wants to
use iprint instead of ndps. Isn't it one and the same except for the
fact that you actually activate iprint on printers you want to be iprint.

Most importantly, in order to use iPrint, you need a client which does
not automatically get the authentication from the Novell client. Hence,
users have to login both to the novell client and the iprint client.
This is not good. Is there anyway around this? Should I just move to
ndps, and install the ndps client instead which does pass the credentials
so users won't have to login twice?