ALL User at this Location CANNOT Print. I really could use someone to
help point me in the right direction.

I had previously Posted this Message on 6 Dec 05 13:57:
Need Help - Migrated to 6.5 SP4A Now Broker and Manger Errors

Last night I migrated and old server to new hardware and from nw6.5 sp2
to a nw6.5 sp4a (overlay). I use the migration tool 8.1. Now I do not
have print services. When I tried to load Broker I get "Server-5.70-151:
Unable to find load file broker" "??? Unknown command ???"
I did try to delete the broke via nwadmin and recreate it, but it keeps
telling me the object already exist.

Since then I have copied the following files from another server in an
attempt to get Print Services restored at this remote location.


Now I get the Broker and Manager to Load but I get the following errors:

The Broker could not update Directory Services Status. Error Code -659
RMS Warning: Failed to update the RMS network address in the Broker
Object. Error Code -659
RMS Report: Driver Table of Contents Complete

Error Report - NDPSM-3.01-279
Error (-659) occurred while setting the password generated by the NPDS
Manager. Program cannot continue normally.

As a result of the Manager error, I loaded the latest version of NICI
(2.68) and restarted the server. Did not help.