I run Netware 6.5.3 and I'm trying to NDPS an OCE 3133 copier/printer. I
created the ndps object and configured it for LPR. Had to download a w2k
driver from the oce website. I put the driver on the indivdual
workstations so ndps doesn't have issue it. Used the Novell Gateway. I can
ping the printer from my workstation. Seems like everything is setup
correctly I send a print job to the printer and I can see the status of
the printer through the ndps printer object in nwadmin32 (says printing).
Seems like the driver is corrected because I wouldn't see the job going to
the printer. But nothing comes out. NDPS manager screen on the server also
says it is printing. Still nothing comes out.

Anyone have any experience seting up an ndps printer for the Oce 3133 or
any other model? If so please tell me if there are any gothas. Anything
special about these copiers/printer that is out of the ordinary?

Any help would be appreciated - RJM