Can someone give me some information on the relationship between iPrint
and Tomcat? The following scenario surprised me.

A customer called informing me that iManager on the iPrint server was no
longer functioning. My first troubleshooting step was to check the
apache console screens on the NW65sp2 server. I saw errors indicating
LDAP problems. I decided to unload apache and tomcat (ap2webdn,
admsrvdn, tomcat4 stop, tcadmdn) and restart the web services. I could
not get tcadmdn to unload the admin tomcat instance. Even forcing with
java -killall or unload java failed to get the instance to quit.
However, at this point, none of the users could access their installed
iprinters. Windows reported that the printers were unavailable. The NDPS
Manager on the server indicated that the printers were there and
available. ippsrv.nlm was also loaded on the server.

I rebooted the server with apache and tomcat disabled but the NDPS layer
loaded without complaint. The users still could not access any of their
printers. As soon as I loaded tomcat4, tcadmup, ap2webup and admsrvup
their printers were on-line again. iManager was happy again as well.

I realize that iPrint Management is dependent on iManager, but I had
never noticed that client workstations cannot communicate with their
iprinters if the web applications on the NDPS Server are not running. My
understanding was that iPrint on the server side was handled by the
ippsrv.nlm as gateway and that the web services were used to deliver the
client and printing objects and well as to manage, but did not play a
role in actually getting the print job from the client to the printer.
Can someone provide me with some details how this really works?

thanks for your help.