I'm having a problem getting IPrint to work and any answers or
suggestions are appreciated.

IPrint resides on a NetWare Server (6.5 OES SP1) inside the firewall,

Using BorderManager 3.8 as firewall with secondary IP address Natted
to the IPrint Server

Ports (80, 443, 631) are open on BM. In addition, to eliminate any
possible issues with ports, filtering has been shut down while I am
working on this.

I can connect to IPrint from the internet, and all the printers to be
available show up. If I add or remove any from the list, the page
will correctly refresh to showing the changes.

When I click on adding a IPrint printer, after a few seconds I get a
" Winsock 10060 - Connection Timed Out." error message.

Now here is the link that IPrint has made on the IPrint page for the
printer. (I have taken the domain name and replaced it with
"mydomain". All other text is accurate.)


Now this is the first "real life" outside the building IPrint I setup,
and that link doesn't look right to me. It show the internal IP
address of the IPrint server. Is that link correct using the internal
address of the IPrint server? If not, where would that be changed?

At this point, I'm assuming that it should not be using the internal
ip address. So if I manually recreate the link outside of the IPrint
page and make it this for testing:


I then get a Novell IPrint Client Printer Authentication logon box.

I login and after a short wait I get a new error message:

Error Group: <nothing is listed here.. it is blank>
Error Code: 0
Error Message: An Unknown Error Occurred.

Click "OK" and it takes me back to the home IPrint page.

I'm open to any suggestions/ideas.