I have some questions about NDPS. Being the stubborn netware admin, I have
retained que based printing and IPX for years, and I have to get rid of it
finally. Problem is I know not much about NDPS. I have loaded iprint off of
the netware 6.5 SP3 cd, and have the broker and ndps manager up and
running. I have created a couple test printers and tested having ndps
printers service existing queues. All that is working.

The questions I have is as follows. I have about 80 servers I manage, I am
a root level admin, and I only have NDPS loaded on two servers at this time.

1. In order for me to manage NDPS on these 2 servers, I have to log in with
a local account to that server with admin rights, and run NWadmin from that
server in order for me to manage NDPS properly. If I run it from another
server, it gives me different errors. Is there a way around this? Or will
this be a non-issue once I have iprint installed on all the servers?

2. Is there an NDPS-only (IE: not NDPS + Iprint) distribution available for
netware 6.5? I do not need any of the functionality of iprint.

3. What is the "best" way to manage NDPS? I would like to manage it solely
through NWadmin. I do not see any options in console one to manage it and I
hate imanager (does ANYONE like it?).

4. Drivers - I have uploaded drivers to the broker under windows xp
drivers, and 2000 drivers. In NWadmin, there is no option for XP drivers.
What is up with this, is there a workaround, or does it just assume XP and
2000 use the same drivers. If so, why have different options in imanager?

5. Pushing out printers automatically - Years ago, I seem to remember this
being one of the key features of NDPS, yet I cannot seem to find an option
to do this. Where and how do you do this? NWadmin?

6. Drivers - any way to specify tray options? Also sometimes I seem to see
when the printer is being installed, it prompts the user to tell them a
print driver is being auto-installed. I dont really like this, is there a
way to turn this off globally?

Thanks for the help, hopefully soon I will have IPX gone.