Hi there,

I'm running a NW 6.5 SP3 with iprint clustered. Using iprint client 4.12
on W2K workstation.

The automatic migration of legacy QMS queues just isn't working right. I
did manage to get one old queue replaced automatically on a test W2K
workstation, but it worked once and only once. I've been configuring up
different legacy queues on the same workstation to test the migration
functionality. Process is as follows: delete all printers from client,
remove iprint client, reboot, add a legacy queue to client, reboot, add
iprint 4.12 client, reboot, wait for automatic update process to kick in.
I have let this system sit overnight and still no update.

All the back end config looks fine (iprint.ini settings correct on all
cluster nodes, legacy queue associated with iprint printer agent via

But the magic just isn't happening.

Anyone have any thoughts?