I originally posted this to n.s.n.queue-based-printing and it was suggested
that I post it here.

We are preparing to move from queue based printing to iPrint and are
experiencing the following problem with Windows XP locked-down workstations.

We created the queue directory on the iprint server, gave the ou rights to
the queues directory, changed the appropriate attributes to point the queue
to the new server and volume, and under qms management, had the iprint
printer service the queue. If you add the printer (queue based), it works
fine. If you log into the workstation as admin, it works fine. If you log
in as the "normal locked-down user" it doesn't. What we did find is that
there are two keys in
HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Novell\Print\NDSConnec tions, under the tree and
queue. The first queue key is the short name and has the correct settings.
The second key is fully qualified and is retaining the old setting
(server/volume). If we manually change the key and reboot it works.

How do we change the second key without having to manually change it?
Don't say ZENworks as the queues will be different for every user. We are also
not ready to deploy the iprint client (nipp) so that isn't a viable solution