I have two workstations (both Windows XP one is SP1 and the other SP2)
that are getting an error when they try and install a printer using
iPrint. The are both gettting a Windows error 1797 "the specified
driver is unknown" message. They are using the 4.12 version of the
iPrint client (although I have tried the 4.06 and 4.11 versions with
the same result). I know that a 1797 error message in Windows means
that the driver is not suitable for the version of Windows that it is
being installed into. What I don't know is why these to workstations
are getting this message. It does not matter which iPrint printer I
try and install, they all generate this error. So far there are only
two workstation with this issue, iPrint seems to work fine for everyone
else. Anyone else run into this issue?