Okay, firstly I apologise if I am in the wrong forum as I am not certain
what the difference between "print" and "iprint" is, I have just purchased
Suse linux 10.0 and up until now I have loved every second of it as an
alternative to XP which I planned to ditch, however I seem to have hit a
dead end in regard to sorting out my printer which is of course vital.

The model is an Epson DX3850 which contains a scanner as well. No drivers
are provided by Epson for this printer for Linux which is an OS they claim
not to support. I tried adding a printer and selecting a different Epson
printer driver from the list provided by Linux but I cannot get my printer
to be detected (USB) and despite searching on the web the only links I can
find are people in similar or identical positions.

Anyone got any advice at all? Most Linux stuff is Greek to me at present
and im used to simply using XP and installing stuff without thinking about
it, would love to get this sorted and I think this problem is probably
totally the fault of Epson probably in collaboration with other OS
producers but unfortunatly cant be ignored.

Many thanks in advance.