Just started converting to NDPS from Queues. In order to do this I selected a server to setup for testing and servicing queues until I was comfortable with the system and ready to switch. This server call it "server_test" is a production server that currently houses all the queues. I created a broker_test and manager_test on this server and began testing and configuring the printer agents until I had the configurations I wanted.

Then I created the working broker "broker_print" and manager "manager_print" on what would be the new print server "server_print". I added all the final driver configurations I wanted to use and began setting up the work station to use this broker, manager, and PA's. I deleted all the printer agents in the manager_test and queues that were no longer used.

I intended to unload and remove the broker_test and manager_test. When I unloaded them the new print server began kicking up errors: Error (327682) occurred while creating a service registry reference. I reload the Broker_test and Manager_test on the old server. I found TID 10058960 and checked the SLP services. They only point to the broker_test. I check the slpda objects in Console One and they also only reference the broker_test.

I am thinking that be deleting the broker_test and Manager_test in NWAdmin this might fix itself, but I am not sure. Any ideas how I get SLP to reference the new broker and manager without the need to redo the entire system? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Ed Connelly
Briarwood College