I'm having problems with installing IPrint printers for user that use
"dial up" internet services. Now I know that dial up is going to be
slow, annoying, etc, but I still need to get this to work for those
who need access to it. These problems DO NOT exist for those users
with broadband connections.

Here are the details.

First, I am intending to use this through Virtual Office, and I have
not been able to get it to work. So now I am trying using the IPrint
client and find/install printers, and I have the same issue.

IPrint/NDPS resides on a server behind the firewall, Netware 6.5 OES

Tried different Internet Providers, different end user systems, same
problem. The problem always happens at 3:00 minutes(180 seconds).
Sometimes right at 3:00, never before, and up to 3:05 before the error

First, If I attempt to download any IPrint client, after 3 minutes the
download will go from say 17% to 100% and complete. However the
complete file does not transfer. No matter how many times I try,
after three minutes it stops. Also, I can see from the modem that
data is transferring over the lines until 3:00.

If I copy nipp.exe to my public web server, and download it from
there, it works fine, every time. So I don't believe it has anything
to do with the users local internet providers, or the local machine

So for now to move on, I have just installed nipp.exe on the PC, and
figured I'd come back to download issue later.

Now if I attempt to install a printer, all is fine until three minutes
pass. Data transfers, the install screen bar moves, and everything
appears fine until the clock hits 3:00 minutes from the time the
download started. Then like clockwork it stops and an error is
displayed. The error isn't very helpfull, and probably isn't the
direct cause of the problem. Most likely, it's just displayed because
the download wasn't fully completed. However, here is the error

Error Group: <blank>
Error Code: 5
Error Message: An unknown error occured.

Are there any setting somewhere in IPrint that need that need to be
adjusted to allow for slow connections? Any thoughts, ideas or
answers would be appreciated. Thanks