TID 2969540
TID 10092230

NetWare 6.5 SP4
NDPSM.NLM v3.01.17 (25 August 2005)

Corrupt NDPS database.
When starting NDPSM.NLM, the server CPU utilization rises to 100%,
and the server practically halts.
"Monitor|Kernel|Busiest Threads " shows a thread NDPSM_ConnCheck
eating all CPU resources.
Restoring older PSMDB.IDX / PSMDB.DAT does not help.

Due to the problem described, I want to create a new NDPS database.
I try to do this by means of the PAGen.exe
(downloaded the second edition - PAGen2.exe).
I then use the PABDBTXT.CSV from the culprit NDPS Manager,
for rebuilding a new database.

But when running the PAGen.exe against this CSV-file,
I get errors stating that no related printer drivers
can be found in the Brokers RMS. When examining the CSV-file,
I see that the printer driver paths are wrong in the CSV-file.

An example from the CSV-file on a Win2000 driver:
HP LaserJet 6P' 'HP'

This path does not apply anymore, because according to newer NDPS
the NDPS.INF in question does no longer reside in such a plain
directory/file structure, but in a zip-file like this:
HP LaserJet 6P' 'HP'

Therefore the PAGen.exe cannot find any RMS driver for the printers,
and skips the printer creation.
Even a new printer (manually created) is represented in the CSV with a wrong

How can I make PAGen.exe find/read the NDPS.INF that is zipped in the driver
Why does the NDPS Manager create erroneous paths in the CSV-file?