I have recently started a systemwide upgrade from Netware 5 to Netware
6.5, but on the first server I have attempted I have run into a problem
with the novell shared printers and queues.
This network has a lot of intel and hp print servers that are using Novell
queues to handle print jobs. They are mainly acting as print servers on
their own as no local print server was running on the server.
The upgrade went fine except now none of the printers will print. The
printers, print servers and queues all show up in the Administrator tool
for in the tree, and jobs seem to be going into the queues, but they are
not being sent to the printers. I can ping the print servers so I know
they are connecting to the network.
I have seen a lot in forums and in knowledgebase about NDPS and i print
and I need some help on the best way to get my people printing. I have 5
other upgrades to do in this system, but I want to get this resolved
before I start on those server so that those upgrades will go more

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