After patching to nw65sp4a I had a problem loading the broker.

The message that the broker is rebuilding the driver database is
displayed, and will take between from 10 seconds and 10 minutes to
complete. After 35 minutes I decided the process had hung.

The server was unresponsive to loading edit (to allow me to edit the
autoexec.ncf), i got a blue background screen of the edit nlm but it
did not load the file or error. I could not unload the virus software
sweep, it just hung. he server was spinning at 93 percent CPU load in
monitor, with a apache worker thread top of the list (red herring or

Anyway - restarted the server and just loaded the manager. All is
fine. Dare not reload the broker - I needed to get the print service
back ASAP.

I think the first thing I should try is just loading the broker and see
if the same problem presents itself.

I think broker merely reads the driver files off disk - might there be
corruption present do you think?

Any other ideas would be welcomed.

Oh, and by the way - my 800 plus printers agents now load in seconds
since it seems that the NDPS manager may have been reengineered??? Big
improvement over the 10 minutes wait I used to witness with nw65sp3

Thanks in advance