Here's my scenario:

Netware 6.5 SP4
iPrint Client 4.12
Windows XP/98 clients

We have NDPS printers what were installed on workstations before we started using iPrint (so, the printers were created then installed via Add/Remove printers by browsing to it). All our NDPS printers are now iPrint enabled. My question is this: if that printer is changed (renamed, moved to a new container), will the workstation be updated automatically EVEN IF the printer was not originally installed by iPrint?

We want to move some of our printers to different containers and rename others, but we are concerned that the printers will become "broker" on machines where they were installed before we bagan distributing the iPrint client. I'm hoping we don't have to remove/reinstall printers. I apologize if this is a dumb question that is in the documentation - I scanned through it and searched the KB but couldn't find an answer.

Thanks in advance!