This is probably a dumb question that has been answered numerous times. In
our office, some computers have no trouble going to the ipp page, getting
the list of printers, selecting one, getting the little pop-up window, and
having the driver, etc. install. No sweat. On some machines, however, the
little pop-up window does not pop up. Nothing happens. I have tried
setting the server on which iPrint resides as a trusted site, I have
disabled the pop-up blocker and any other Internet blocker, all to no avial.
Furthermore, I cannot figure out anything different between the computers
(all of which are running Windows XP Home) that install printers without a
problem and those that exhibit this problem. Is it something weird about
the javascript? Or am I missing something really simple? Furthermore, is
there an alternative way to install these printers? Thanks.

Paul Green