I saw a similar message in the linux-printing forum, but thought this
might be the better forum.

I have run Pcounter, from AND Technologies, on my Netware server
probably since NetWare version 4.1. I was looking at moving to OES
Linux, but I will still need to account for my prints. I will not be
able to migrate printing to OES Linux because Pcounter does not run on
Linux yet. AND Technologies is waiting for an API from Novell on the
Linux NDPS/iPrint. Is there any way to either find out if Novell is
working on this or has plans for this and if so, what is the time line?

I have already submitted pcounter as a product to have it run on Linux
in Novell's Linux app submission form, but it seems that that is just a
site that collects data.

Another option of course is, if anyone knows, is there another program
that lets the user select a job number when printing if the back end is

I also have another options and that is to switch to a Windows print
environment. I don't really want to do that, but I may have to.

I am hoping someone with inside connections could respond to this and
even forward this to the iPrint/Linux team.


Dan Verbarg
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati, OH