Hi All,

Netware 6.5 SP4a
I have noticed that I cant upload a new driver to a printer object in
From iManager if I select the Manage Broker, then select Resource Managent
Service I get a msg saying:
'Exception reading resource print drivers configuration
The resource management service (RMS) is diabled'

When I load the Broker at the console or try to enable RMS from the Broker,
error msg is returned:

'The BROKER could not enable the Resource Management Service. Error
code -613'

also the following msg is displayed,

' [date time] The RMS could not generate a database path either because the
broker object does not have rights to read it's own attributes, or because
attributes are missing. Error code -603. Use netware administrator to assign
rights to the broker object or create a new broker object.'

It has been working fine for the last year, I have not chaged anything
recently on the server, except for! last weekend I upgraded the server to
SP4a but this problem was present even before the upgrade.

Any help or tips welcome.