IP vs ipx printing problem

Problem: Large print jobs do not complete. Example: 61 page job stops
after 3 pages and the last page is incomplete.

Setup: NW6.5 TCP/IP only, NDPS printer pointing to a print queue. Print
server is an external HP JetDirect 500X (3 ports). Printer is on port 1
and is an impact printer. Job originates from a DOS application.

When I switch back to the old print queue on the NW41 (ipx only), the job
complets successfully.

Also, when printing to a laser printer (a different HPJDirect 500x) from a
Windows app., all the numbers are omitted. THere are just blank spots
where numbers should have been. Printig to the same printer from DOS (to
lpt port) does not have the problem. When I print the same windows jobs
using IP printing (bypass Netware), the print jobs are fine.

Another problem is that the print jobs that originate from a DOS app,
going to a Kyocera IB21 internal to a Kyocera 9520 printer pause for a few
seconds between jobs. Each job is uually between 1 and 4 pages. When
printing via IPX to this same print server/printer, the jobs shot out
without delay.

Why is the printing through the netware print agents so problematic?