I tried 4.15 because of the "NIPPLPT-Device cannot be opened - Failure 5"-error postet already in this Newsgroup. This error also appears with 4.15.

i have done may tests now and the new iPrint-Client 4.15 does very strange things...

If i icapture an LPT in a DOS-Box the capture was made without errors. If i type "icapture show" in the same DOS-Box it shows me the captured Printer and the correct status and i can print to the LPT. If i right-click on the iPrint-Client-Icon in the Systemtray and select "iPrint-Properties" and then the tab "iCapture" there is no entry about the captured LPT. With 4.12 this works fine.

If i switch back to the DOS-Box and type "icapture show" again, there is no more printer captured. This is a reproducable error. I can iCapture in the DOS-Box and the capture works until i click on the "iCapture"-Tab.

Has anyone an idea ?