I've spent way too much time on this....hopefully someone has a

NetWare 6 SP5
Windows XP SP2 - firewall disabled
NW Client 4.91 with Update A
Using NDPS to push out drivers

I have two Gestetner printers (models 3245 and Dsm745) that refuse to
consistently install on Windows XP - but they do work perfectly on
Windows 2000. All computers are identically imaged. All users have
Power User rights. Some computers the drivers will install....some

I have tried the following:
* Installing 4.91 SP2
* Giving Everyone full rights to C:\ndps
* Recreating printer INF file using pdrvgen.exe from CoolSolutions

The above three steps worked for one computer, but didn't help the
next identical computer. I am about ready to wipe XP off of my
network. Any solutions before I lose my mind? Thanks!

Ken Etter

Novell....it does a server good!