We have iPrint 4.12 client installed on user workstations, and NW65SP4
running on servers. I am testing controlled-access printers, and when a user
logs in to a shared workstation (one where many different people log in)
that has a controlled-access printer installed and tries to print, or opens
the Printers & Faxes window, a "Novell iPrint Client" dialog opens, saying
"Printer authentication failed. Do you want to try again?" If Yes, then a
Printer Authentication dialog shows up, requiring either LDAP-formatted
username (cn=name,ou=orgunit,o=org) or UniqueID, and the password associated
with a user account that has permission to use this printer. However, if a
user logs in that doesn't have access to the printer, they cannot
authenticate with their own credentials.

I see there is an option in iprint.ini, "AllowUserPrinters" that determines
how all printers get installed, but I need some printers to be installed as
workstation printers and others to be set up as user printers.

I really do not want to set up printers as public-access printers, but this
login box will get the Help Desk pretty unhappy when users swamp them with
calls. Is there any way to keep this authentication from happening for users
that aren't on the ACL for a given installed printer? Or, is there some way
to select whether the printer is set up as workstation or user printer other
than the global iprint.ini setting?


-- Geoff