I'm not sure exactly what I'm missing here, but I'm trying to configure
an NDPS printer agent to be used with a Xerox Docutech (big printer) as
well as a Xerox Fiery color printer. Both of these printers actually
have Xerox print servers attached to them for their interface. We've
had the docutech setup as a bindery printer since before I was here.

What is the best method for setting this up? I attempted to create a
NDPS Printer Agent for the printer, but the print job never sends. It
appears to be getting stuck somewhere. I made sure that the Xerox
printer itself was listening for LPR, but don't know what else to do. I
can't find documentation on the Xerox or Novell site, so if anyone knows
of a good informative link...I'll take that too. Thanks,