We have a problem that seems to be unpredicatble when it happens. The rights
to hkcu\printers becomes mangled and the user no longer has rights to it.
Consequently when a user tries to add a printer or even set preferences on
one installed by a Zen 6.5 policy they get access denied error 5. The iprint
log reports this about devmodes2. I have a zen app that removes the printers
key and voilla the key is recreated and the user has rights and can install
user printers. Administrator does not have rights but it would appear that
system does since ZEN can delete the key.

The environment uses DLU and roaming profiles and their is no indication of
profile problems. the iprint.dll has been renamed in the registry as per the
ZFD guide.

I'm currently stuck with this one. I have an open incident but not much has
come from that.

Has anyone seen this before and know what causes it.