Sometime in the last day or two, one of our two NDPS printing systems has
stopped working correctly.

Here's our environment:

We have two NDPS managers and one broker. One manager and the broker is on a
NW6.5 SP4 clustered volume. This manager supports staff printers. The other
manager in on a stand-alone NW6.0 SP5 server and it supports the student

Here's the symptoms:

-No one can install student printers any longer: neither students or staff.
The WinXP error message says that "Windows cannot connect to the printer."
Some machines with existing printers (not new installs) can still print,
others cannot.

-When I go into iManager and try and manage the printer, the following error
is returned: "The Print Manager is not loaded! Check that the Print
Manager (NDPSM.NLM) is loaded and the correct version."

-When I use NWAdmin32 to look at the details of the problem printers, the
following error is returned: "Warning -- NDPS v2.00. Printer details
cannot be viewed. The Printer Agent is shut down. Message number: 295"

-When I go into NRM of the Student Manager server and click on the "NDPS
Manager Health" link, everthing looks normal. The printer statuses show up
as expected. I click on the printer link and get the details of the
printers. I can shutdown and restart the agents.

-When I go into NRM of the Broker server and click on the "NDPS Broker
Health" link, everything looks normal. Nothing unusual in any of the logs,
and all services are enabled and active.

-When I use RConJ to access the NDPS Manager of the student printer,
everything looks and behaves normally. I can see

-Shutting down and restarting the agents have no affect.

-Rebuilding the NDPS database has no affect.

-Shutting down and restarting the manager has no affect.

-Shutting down and restarting the server has no affect.

Module info on the Student Manager server:
NDPSM.NLM Version 3.01.09 June 21, 2004
NDPDS.NLM Version 3.00 July 17, 2001
NDPSGW.NLM Version 3.01 May 5, 2004
PH.NLM Version 3.00.02 May 27, 2003

Module info on the Broker server:
BROKER.NLM 3.00.11 July 13, 2005

Other notes of interest:
-The problem manager server did ABEND yesterday. I'm unable to confirm
whether these issues existed prior to the ABEND or not.

-I'm running DSREPAIR -U now to see if that has any affect.

-No rights assignments have been changed recently.

I welcome any thoughts.


Curtis Spears
Sr. Network Administrator
Northwest Nazarene University