I am working on a project that will have a Novell iPrint (possibly also
NDPS) server print via LPR through a Linux (Debian/LPRng) print server.

We are pulling accounting info out via LPRng, and other job control stuff,
and are running into a problem with the listed hostname on the print job.

Since the job is coming into Novell via iPrint, when it goes out via LPR
to the LPRng spool it is getting the hostname of the Novell server and
not the Windows XP workstation that originally sent the job to Novell.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to have the Novell server put
in the host name of the workstation that actually sent the print job.
Even just a netbios name would work, though full IP or DNS would be

We are getting the username passed properly, it's just the workstation
name that is an issue.