Hi all,

We are running NW6.5 SP4 with NDPS printing. We have just purchased a
new HP Laserjet Color C3550n printer and installed it into the system.
Any time anyone sends an Adobe Acrobat PDF file to it, it causes the
NDPS Print Manager to abend. We have 82 printers in the system and this
is the only one that does this.

The printer works successfully with any other type of file or print job.
Also, we can print to any other printer in the network with PDF's. It
is only this one combination.

We are using the default NDPS printer gateway for this printer.

The error that occurs in the print manager log is....

3-29-06 2:27:41 pm, Operation: Cancel Job,
Service Error: Document Data File Deletion Failure [1000008, -840, 0],
Object Name: MIS_C3550
(Client Interface)

3-29-06 2:27:41 pm, Operation: Print,
Selection Error: Invalid Object Identification ,
Object Name: MIS_C3550
(Client Interface)

The problem also doesn't seem to be related to the version of Acrobat.
We've duplicated the problem with 6.0 and 7.0.2, 7.0.5, 7.0.7.

The problem is NOT user specific as it occurs with any user.

We are using the latest and greatest print drivers for this printer
available from HP.

Any ideas?

Jim Gosney