Hi all,

We recently upgraded our NDPS server and are now running NW6.5 SP4a with
NDPS Manager version 3.01t. Our previous server was running NW6.5 SP2.
We have several Xerox Phaser 8200N and 8500N printers that seemed to work
fine under the Novell Gateway on the old server. However, with the new
server, when printing large print jobs (or jobs with graphics) they will
error with something like the following:

ERROR: timeout


We are using the NDPS client, not iPrint. I have tried downloading and
using the Xerox Gateway, but this didn't help and ABENDED our server. I
have also tried using different PDS configs and different LPR QUEUE NAMES
(RAW, tek8200, PS) etc... with the Novell Gateway with no success. I
have the latest NDPSM.nlm installed and the latest TCPIP update for NW6.5.

Could this be a problem with the TCPIP stack?

Has anyone seen this error or have any suggestions.


Michael Schneider
Network/Systems Administrator
Northwest State Community College
Archbold, OH 43502