Hi all.


NW 6.5 SP4 two-node cluster.
nipp 4.12
NDPSM.nlm version 3.01
apache2 in both nodes.
I'm not expert with apache and editing conf-files.

I'm getting winsock 10061 error when trying to make printer driver profile.

Everything else works fine (I can install printers, add printers to
eDir, drivers to broker, iprint-policy works fine etc.) except that I
can't connect to the http://cluster_resource_hosting_printing/ipp
-directly, I have to use
http://cluster_resource_hosting_printing:631/ipp. SSL-page doesn't reply
at all. If I use http://node_that_is_hosting_printing/ipp it _does_
work. Same with SSL (https://....:443/ipp).

So I guess problem lies in the fact that it does try to authenticate in
cluster resource and doesn't get reply. This setting probably is
somewhere in depths of httpd.conf or ipp.conf. Any help?

Timo Pietilš