I am trying to install a couple of Xerox printers into our iPrint. I am
running NW6.5SP5. I have tried new drivers and shipping drivers. I can
add them to the broker fine, and assign them to the printer. But it I
go to the /ipp page and attempt to install them I get a Driver unknown
error, 1797. I attempted a couple of fixes, one where I needed to
change a setting in the .inf from 66000 to 66002 and another where I
needed to change "Xerox", NT 5.1 to Xerox,NT 5.1, basically removing
the space.

Neither one worked.

I noticed a work around by installing the printer locally, like it is
on LPT1 port, then installing the iPrinter. After that I just delete
the locally installed one and it all works ok.

But, that is a rather manual process to get the printer working.

Anyone have any other ideas?