All servers are NetWare 6.5 SP5. Novell Client is 4.91 SP2.
I am working on the best way to roll out a new implementation of
iPrint/NDPS. We are currently use queues or direct IP printing direct from
workstation. This will be for a large school district with 30+ locations
with one site server at each location. Each site server will run only a
Manager and there will be one Broker at our main office. I spoke with the
iPrint guys at Brainshare and we had discussed disabling ENS (event
notification service) and SRS (service registry service) on the Broker and
all the Managers and using a pure iPrint implementation, without installing
NDPS as part of the Novell Client install. We are not currently using
ZENworks, although we may implement ZDM7 in the next year. I am trying to
remember why we (an iPrint engineer and I) had discussed disabling SRS and
ENS. I believe it was because it would reduce WAN traffic. Using client-side
NDPS, we could push out printers to containers, groups, users.

Here are my questions:
1) Is there a way to push out client-side iPrint printers without using
2) Is there a way to push out client-side iPrint printers with ZENworks?
3) Does disabling SRS and ENS make sense? Does it seem like it would reduce
WAN traffic?
4) What is Novell's plan for supporting client-side printing? NDPS versus
5) Are there other reasons why we would want to make sure client-side NDPS
functionality is present?