I had Iprint running on a Netware OES 6.5.3 server using Apache2 v. 2.0.52
and Tomcat 4.1.30. Everything worked like a charm. Recently, however,
despite the fact that nothing (supposedly) had changed on the server,
suddenly I can't get to any printers using Iprint. I get to the initial
page just fine, but when I click on any printer - using Firefox, IE or
Netscape - I get the following error: Error Code: 1030 Error Message:
Iprint Client - The given URL cannot be found. Error group: Iprint client
Error code: 1030.

I've compared the HTM pages to others I have set up on a different tree,
and can't find any differences. The HTTPD.CONF points to the Apache2/HTDOCS
folder, and like I said - It was working up until a few weeks ago.