I'm hoping this is an easy one. I have an idea what might be causing
the problem but just want to run it by someone.

I have a client that I upgraded from NW 6.0.3 to OES/NW 6.5.5. IPrint
had been ROCK SOLID prior to the upgrade (2+ years). Since the
upgrade, various PC's that have restricted users (e.g. Not in
administrators group in Windows 2000), will print for a while, then
just stop. Jobs continue to rack up in the windows print spooler on
those workstations (and I believe they are job list on the server as
well but I'm not at the client site right now). Rebooting the
workstations *usually* makes the jobs all spool out.

I've updated the iprint clients to 4.15.00 (or whatever came with SP5)
also. The one thing that needs to be done (and I'm going to try to do
that tonight) is to move the printer agents off the old HP gateway onto
the Novell SNMP gateway.

Any other ideas? Is my hunch that it's the HP gateway correct?

Thanks in advance!


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