1) Yep, I pull up the map I created and I can install the printer just fine
from there.
2) I've enabled the scheduler icon so that I can run the policy manually.
It runs, but no printer installs.
3) I'm using GW as my newsreader now, so the trace should be attached to
this post.
4) I'll try the ZFD forum and see what they have to say.



P.S. Sorry for the repost, the first was composed in HTML which appears to
have done some screwy things.

>>> <iprint@novell.com> 4/6/2006 9:50 AM >>>

1) Can you install the printers through the browser just as a test?
2) Can you force the policy to run manually?
3) Yes the mail client needs to support attachements
4) You may want to hit the zen forum as well and ask them about the
policy log files and see what they say.

> On Wed, 05 Apr 2006 18:54:45 +0000, iprint wrote:
> 1) The user is a member of the administrators group.
> 2) The policy is configured to run on event user login. I just changed

> to event desktop active but that didn't make a difference.
> 3) This may be a silly question, but how do I add a file as an

> Is that dependent on my newsreader?
> > 1) If the user doesn't have rights on the workstation you need to set
> > the iprint.ini to support what you desire. 2) Make sure you are

> > the policy after the desktop is active the user has logged in.
> > 3) Looks like the system chopped the trace off. You need to add it as
> > an attachement for it to work.

> >> I hope it's ok to post this question to this group, let me know if it
> >> needs to go to a ZFD group. Anyways, using ZFD4 I'm able to push out
> >> the iPrint client. However any printers I configure it to push never
> >> get pushed down to the workstation. The server is OES/NW SP5, the
> >> iPrint client is 4.16, the client OS is XPSP2, and I've tried two
> >> different ZFD agents. I'm not sure what version of the agent I first
> >> had though I can tell you the app launcher version was, but
> >> after upgrading to the IR6P1 agent it's still not working. I've

> >> the ippTrace file below.
> >>
> >> Joe