I did some search around the forum and found a few suggestions (TID
10082718) but nothing fixed mine issues. I have about 5-6 users that are
not able to install printer from iprint. Here's some background:

Last week the company did some server upgrade (changing to a new tree) and
implemented iPrint. When a user log into the new tree, one of the script
will delete all their current printers (which are mostly IP printers).
Once users successfully log into the new tree (all printers are deleted by
this time) they can visit the iprint website to install printers.

I noticed that a few users visited the iprint website and install the
printers before log into the new tree. Once they log into the new tree,
all printers get deleted including all the iprint printer they installed
earlier. After that they are not able to reinstall printers, they will get
the 126 error. It is odds though, some printer they can install and others
they cant (126 error).

I think this might related to some resources/services/modeles that get
deleted by the script. any idea on how to fix this? Thanks for the helps.