I have a HPColor Laserjet 5550dtn controlled NDPS printer that was
initially created with the wrong piter driver. I am trying to get the
printer driver update automatically pushed out with RPM. Doesn't seem
to be woking.

Here's what I did:

1. Added new printer drivers to the Broker with "Manage Broker"

2. Installed the driver to the printer agent with "Manage Printer"

3. Checked the "RPM Configuration" to make sure it was set to install
this pritner, and clicked "Update Driver." Confirmed that my user was a
memer of this group.

4. Logged off and logged in again.

My printer was not updated with the new drivers. What am I missing?

I am confident that the printer agent is set up correctly, because I
deleted the printer on my second machine, re-logged in and the printer
was silently reinstalled with the correct driver?

What can I do to get existing printers updated to the correct driver?

Jim Helfer
WTW Architects
Pittsburgh PA