I'm running a NW6.5 server c/w sp5 patch. in a previous message i had
mentioned that i was having some issues with the HP Gateway, that has
been resolved.

However, after uninstalling iprint etc, and then re-installing (using
the nw65sp5.ISO), i am back to my original issue.

I have installed the nw65sp5c_ndpsm.exe.

In all cases, i have no ability to unload the ndpsm.nlm once it has gone
to the please wait of death

At that point i have no choice but to hit reset as i finally lose
control of the console.

If the ndpsm.nlm causes high loading, and i make no attempts to unload
it, i can use the down/reboot console commands (but it sure thinks about

I also have changed the previous broker & manager names from broker1 ->
broker2 etc.

I can create a broker without issue. I can create a manager without
issue, but the second i attempt to create an agent via;

Console: I can hit insert, assign a agent name, once i hit enter it goes
into the blink of "please wait" for ever, i am halted at this point.
The server goes to 100% loading.

Imanager: If i create a new printer and attempt to assign the "Print
Manager Name" same thing 100% Loading. When the web page finally errors
out, it states:

ERROR: Create Printer Failure
com.novell.service.ndps.NDPSException: NDPS Library Error: 700005h.

Amazingly, Novell's site actually was able to find this 700005h error.
It points to this link:

The document ID is: (10096665)

It offers 3 options, which as i complete them, i will post the results

FIX #1: "Update" SLP.NLM, SLPTCP.NLM & SLPDA.NLM Dated => April 2004 -
these files can be obtained from SP3 (altho sp5 is applied to the

NOTE: there is no mention of where these files go, and i can not find
them (outside of the sp3/5 folder on the machine anywhere) - skipping to
next option.

FIX #2: Configuring SLP with a SCOPED directory agent (DA) - No idea
what this is, skipping to next option

Fix #3: (This is Not an appropriate fix if Public Access Printers are in
use in the environment. iPrint printers by default are Not Public
Access Printers)
1) Load BROKER.NLM with a /noadvert switch
2) Load NDPSM.NLM with a /nosrs switch

This one i suspect will *hopefully* offer me at least some control over
the ndpsm.nlm.

Sucess! I now have the ability to contrl the ndpsm and add printer


At home, i built the "test" NW6.5 sp3 on some hardware i had kicking
around. I was able to do all the fuctions that i am trying to do here
without any issues. (including adding printer agents).

The major differences between to the machines is the hardwarea and the
installer version.

The test system is using an AMD-1800xp 512RAM and a 120 IDE HD.

The "regular nw6.5 install and product disks were used, SP3 was applied

The production system is uing:

Asus P5WDG2-WS (2x64 bit PCI slots, 2x1GB On board Nic, 2x32 bit PCI
slots 2x16xAGP
Installed cards are:
Adaptek 29160 dual scsi controller
1x15000K 72GB Fujitsu SCSI HD
1x32 Bit PCI video (generic card)
1x1GB Intel Nic (unable to get novell to play nice with the onboard

I had issues installing from the original NW6.5 disks, i had to use the
nw6.5sp5 ISO. That did however allow the install to complete. Their
appears to be no other issues.


PS: Is it ok to take the psmdbsav.dat file and then restore it to
re-create the printers from the NW6.0 server to the NW6.5 servers?

Thanks muchly!

Jim Hamilton
Network Administrator
818 Broughton St.
Office: 250-480-3212
Cel: 250-888-3564

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