I have iPrint rolled out using the ipaddress.
If I enable DNS on my Print Manager now... What are the consequences?


Enabling DNS on the Print Manager

To configure a DNS name for the Print Manager, use the Print Manager
command line startup switch, /dnsname=DNS_name. If you use a DNS name
that is not contained in the server's sys:etc\hosts, you will receive an
error when you load the Print Manager.


ndpsm Print_Manager_Object_Name /dnsname=Print_Manager_DNS_Name


ndpsm PrintManager1 /dnsname=Printing.My_Company.Com

where PrintManager1 is the Print Manager name and
Printing.My_Company.Com is the desired DNS name.

You need to use the DNS startup switch only once. After the startup
switch is used, the Print Services Manager will remember the DNS name
until a different DNS name is specified. To change the DNS Name, use the
switch with the new DNS name. If you do not specify an IP address or DNS
name when you load the Print Manager, the manager uses the server's IP
address. If either the IP address or DNS name specified on the command
line or in the sys:etc\hosts file is invalid, you will receive one of
the following errors:

IP Address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, specified at load time, is not bound.
Program execution cannot continue normally. Press Escape to continue.


The NDPS Manager cannot resolve the DNS name xxx.