Ok folks. I have a New Novell 6.5 network with many HP LJ printers.
>From 2200DTN to 8100s. After I configured all the iPrint printers, I

started to have network problems only on the 2200 printers. Twice a
week, users would come in and the yellow light would be on the 2200
printer. I still have my old 4.11 network up, so I could print IPX to
the printer, but not IP. I could not ping the printer. I could not
get a test page from the printer. Almost like the printer Jetdirect
card was gone. The 8100s had the same Jetdirect card so I ruled out
the card. I have upgarded the firmware on all Jetdirect cards. So
last Friday, I took 3/4 of the 2200 printes out of iPrint. Guess what,
the 2200 printers in iPrint had the yellow light problem, the printers
not in iPrint did not have any problems.

Is there a known problem with iPrint and HP laserjet 2200 printers and

Does iPrint scan the network for printers and during the scan disabled
the Jetdirect card on the 2200 printers? Why not the other models?

I also placed passwords on the Jetdirect cards and Community names.

Any help would be appreciated.