I would like to continue an old thread. I think it is too old to be noticed, so I am repeating:

Can I assume that the F3 rename will only work on printers that are currently installed on a PC?

i.e. There are 50 PCs with an iPrint printer for "Accounting". I just updated the Printer Driver Profile for the HP4250 printers. If I "rename" the printer to "Accounting1", then it will automatically change the name on the user's PC and update the config with the info from the profile. Also, the "Accounting" printer will no longer be listed?

Also - can I assume it will not install "Accounting1" to the other 200 PCs in the company?

What needs to be done in iManager under the Agent's "Access Control", if anything?

>>> Audun Seierstad<as@signo.no> 4/12/2006 3:18 AM >>>

Sort of by accident I found that if I go to NDPS manager on server console
and use F3 to rename the printer, iPrint will reinstall the printer on all
workstations imediately. The workstation do not need reboot/relogon. It is
enough to change one letter in the printers name.

I have done this several times, and it works great. This is a great way to
distribute a new driver or an new printer profile, and of course a great way
to rename a printer on all workstations.