The problems occured when I upgraded my servers from NW65sp3 to NW65sp4. On
clients, when I try to change printer preferences (like paper size or
duplex) explorer.exe crashes. After that, when I try to open printer
preferences I get error message form Window$ (W2K SP4, iprint client 4.16)
"Function address 0x68f22313 caused a protection fault. (exception code
And another observation: I have 2 iprint printers installed on windows
workstation. When I try to display the second printer properties I see the
first printer properties.
Is there mybe a problem in communication beetween iprint client and Netware
Server. Will it be changed in iprint client 4.17 ??
When I install these printers as Standard TCP/IP Port (printing direct to
device) everything works OK.
thanks for all suggestions
Netware Administrator