Is there a good rule of thumb as to which is the better way to configure
HP JetDirect printers, using LPR or RAW? When I converted from the HP
gateway to the Novell gateway I used the defaults which meant LPR and
printer name of PASSTHROUGH. It seems to have worked fine for most
printers, but two (LJ1300 & LJ1320) are giving me some issues where at
random they stop printing, the printer's lights indicate "fatal error,"
and the Manager says "LPR Communication Failed." I'm about to begin
testing these two printers using RAW instead, but I was curious if I
should consider moving all the HP printers over to RAW.

Any thoughts?


P.S. In order to change this, I just need to change the gateway load
string from "PORT=LPR" to "PORT=RAW" and then remove the PRINTERNAME
parameter, right?