I've tried several different brokers in the same tree, and everytime I
try to add a driver "Add from File" , I get Error on Page in hte bottom
left corner of the browser.

I've tried three different brokers,and I'm unable to update any drivers
to any broker, even when accessing them from different iManager
installations. I even upgraded one of the iManager servers to 2.6, and
that didn't help (of course, doing that gave me

I've also made sure hte iPrint client is installed on any machien I
perform this operation on, and used Mozilla, Netscape and IE.

Nothing helps. I also installed on OES linux and tried to update the
Driver Store, and got the same problem.

Any ideas?

IE says: Error on Page
Mozilla says: Uploading resoureces to Broker using 'Add From File' not
I say: Novell, didn't you master file and print 15 years ago. why all
these problems now