I finally got NDPS working with a NDPS printer on a NetWare 6.5 SP4 server.
I do have the following questions:

Question 1:

I added the printer driver for Windows 200 and Windows XP in the Broker and
Printer and all services are enable in the NDPSM. I don't want to install
the iPrint client as I already have Novell client installed. On the Windows
2000 Professional workstation, I use Add printer > Network printer > Browse
for a printer > NDPS printer and found the NDPS printer. However, I got the

The server on which the printer resides does not have the correct printer
driver installed. If you want to install the driver on your locak computer.
Click OK. But then the printer installed fine. I am not sure where it gets
the printer driver. I have reloaded broker.nlm and NDPSM.nlm but still got
the same message when adding the printer.

I thought the advantage of NDPS vs queue-based is so that I can push the
driver out using NDPS.

Question 2:

Do I have to restart the 2 nlms when I change the properties of Broker and
NDPS Manager? I did for the above but wondering how often I should reload
the broker.nlm & ndpsm.nlm.

Question 3:
Without the iPrint client, for me to replace the existing queue-based setup
to NDPS printer, the only way I know is to manually delete the queue-based
printer and use add print option as above to add the new printers. Does
anyone have other suggestions. Note I don't have ZENWork yet!

Question 4:
We only want uses to print to the network printers when they are in the
office and all machines have Novell client installed. Does it make any
difference for using NDPS vs iPrint?

Question 5:
Some drivers came with Windows so when I update the driver on the Broker, I
would have to "add using system" to update the printer driver but then I
cannot tell what is the driver version? Any workaround for the above?

Question 6:
If I update the driver on the Broker & Printer object, will the client gets
the update drivers using the Novell client?

I know it is a long list but I am new with NDPS.