We changed all of our printers over to DNS for host last night and
changed the IP numbers from to, now we are
having problems installing iPrint printers. Have several scenarios:

1. Installing HP2100 LaserJet some do nothing on the install.
2. Some try to install and get this:
Error Message: The specified procedure could not be found. Error
group: Windows Error code: 127 and then on reboot they get:
Windows cannot find '\windows\system\hp2100_5.exe'. Make sure you
typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file,
click the Start button, and then search.
3. some can install an print to it without a problem.

The Error code 127 points to TID10079070 which says to re-install the
iPriont client. That doesn't correct. In fact some of them can
install other printers without a problem and some canot install any

XP Pro SP2, iPrint v04.12, NDPS Manager is on a NW6.0SP5 server. I
also re-initialized the NDPS database.