cperry@hmdc.harvard.edu wrote:
> Let's tie all of our printing driver uploading functionality into one
> piece of software, Internet Explorer. You know, because it's so stable.
> .....oh wait, isn't that the same company we just sued. Sigh. In case
> you're wondering, my frustration stems from:
> Compilation of things I've tried to get to get a driver uploaded into
> any of our NDPS brokers:
> I try to upload printer drivers to the NDPS Broker using IE, and
> everytime I click "Add from file" I get a little message in the bottom
> left corner that says "Error on Page".
> I've tried running iManager/Apache/Tomcat from several different
> servers, and accessing serveral different brokers. I've tried Netscape,
> IE, and Mozilla, along with different Windows machines, all with the
> iPrint client installed. I've tried upgrading the iManager plugin from
> the web. I've tried upgrading one of my iManager servers from 2.5 to
> 2.6(the latest).
> I've tried using nwadmin to upload a driver to the broker, but it
> doesn't accept XP drivers. I've tried installing OES Linux, creating a
> driver store (new name for the broker), and get exact same thing.
> The javascript error in question, if you click details, says Error: line
> 170, Object doesn't support this property or method. I don't know if
> it's a tomcat/apache/ldap/eDirectory issue, I updated the latest iPrint
> client to V 4.16. I disabled some IE related security stuff, and no luck
> there either. I also tried firefox and got: uploading resource not
> currently supported.

Be cool man... the support news group help support it they do not
develop it. So be professional and do not be condescending to them.

What version of NetWare OES and Support Pack. I had some issues they may
already be answered in this news group. I have it working except for a 2
minor bugs that are workable.