I am running a NW6sp5 main server with iPrint/NDPS on it (the NW6sp5
version of course). But I also have iManager 2.5 on another server which
is NW65sp5. I am managing iPrint using the iManager 2.5 on the NW65sp5
My problem is this: users with Windows XP and iPrint are complaining
about the "long" delay before a job actually prints. I would like to
enable their iPrint printer to do "iPrint Direct" which bypasses the
server when printing (and hopefully speeds things up). If I enable the
printer as "iPrint Direct" using iManager 2.5, will my NW6sp5 iPrint/NDPS
recognize this setting? i.e. does this setting exist for NW6sp5 or do I
just see it because I am using iManager 2.5?
Thanks for any insight on this!

Bernie Flinn