I'm having serious problems with iprint

- NW6.5 SP4a
- iManager 2.02 with MU5
- iprint client 4.11
- windows 2000 SP4 with Novell client 4.83 SP3
- Edirectory

-we cant create printers properly anymore, it lets you create the
printer - fill in the name, container, manager and novell gateway,
then asks for the ip address, and the port number, then asks you
which drivers you want (i pick hp4000 pcl6 for w2k and w9x),
then i click create, it creates it ok, but hen you try to modify
the printer, if you look at the drivers, it says "The current driver
for this platform does not exist in the Resource Management
Service. Select 'None' or one of the other drivers in the list"

-once i click ok, the list of available drivers is empty.

-if i could choose the driver on creation, why cant i see it after
ive created it?

-if i try and install the printer http://galileo/ipp/steven4, it tries
asks me if it should be the default printer, i say yes (ive tried no,
doesnt make a difference) and it pops up with an error box saying -
"Error message: iPrint Printer - the printer is currently not available
Error group: iPrint Server

-what gives?

-do i have to redo my RMS driver store?

thanks in advance for any help